Gilagolf has moved to


After 2 and a half years of hacking, destroying and reviewing golf courses, Gilagolf has finally moved to a proper home on this little corner in the internet universe: was unfortunately taken, and negotiations fell through when they realised all we could offer them were used second hand balls and some nasi lemak if they were to come up to Malaysia.

So we had to decide on a new home and some were shortlisted:






it was important that the gilagolf branding remained, so we decided on It’s still undergoing some aesthetic changes but it’s basically as similar as possible to the old site.

So, update your bookmarks and also your feeds

Keep Hacking and thanks for reading!!



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2 responses to “Gilagolf has moved to

  1. Rahim

    New home new features added in, I suppose. Just like moving to a new nasi lemak’s stall of Kak Limah to Makcik Tijah…sambal sotong must be reddish hot…eeem.

    Looking forward for more Golf hacking from you Bro.

  2. This post is now on my bookmark bar. Thank you for writing this.

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